Freiburg, at the southern end of the Black Forest, is Southwest Germany’s  scientific and cultural stronghold for renewable technology. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) is on the forefront of developing solar energy and the growing solar capabilities of the city. The focus on environmental sustainability, photovoltaics and biotechnologies has given Freiburg a decisive edge in an international competitive environment. Tourists enjoy the jolly and spirited atmosphere of the university city at the center of the Badische wine region but they are also amazed at the solar developments. The district of Vauban is practically self-sustaining, and is home to the Heliotrop, or round solar house, that revolves on its axis capturing the sun’s rays throughout the year. Recently Freiburg also constructed the first solar soccer stadium in the world, and its 2,300 meters of solar roof makes the stadium completely self-sufficient. While the Best Western Premier Eco Hotel Victoria, is a four star hotel and one of the most sustainable in the world renowned for its solar roof and wood chip-burning furnace.