VKLarsonCommunications organized a media luncheon for SouthWest Germany in Chicago in February that was attended by 18 top travel and tourism writers and editors from the Chicago area. Many exclaimed how interested they are in the area and did not realize how rich it is in terms of story potential: Formula One Racetrack, two of the world’s most fascinating and sophisticated car museums at Mercedes and Porsche; a state that boasts 77 Michelin starts for 67 restaurants; spa resorts featuring the world-famous Baden-Baden among others. Castles, including Heidelberg, Burg Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein with soaring turrets, huge tapestries and knights-in-armour dot the landscape. SouthWest Germany was joined by one of its top partners, the Black Forest Highlands, which showcased its incredible green and environmentally conscious tourism attributes, beautiful outdoor scenery and the Black Highlands Card that allows visitors incredible opportunities including two free overnights, renting an E Smart car, rounds of golf and entry into hundreds of exhibits and places for free throughout the entire region.