Stuttgart is at the center of one of Germany's 13 wine growing regions: Wuerttemberg; and it is close to another of Germany's wine regions: Baden. The city is surrounded by beautiful low-lying hills that are covered with vineyards and harvest time is especially active and festive. A popular aspect of SouthWest Germany's wine culture is the "broom tavern," or Besenwirtschaft, whereby locals are allowed to open their homes and sell wine and food for 12 weeks of the year. The owners hang a broom outside of their house which signifies to visitors that they are open for business. Starting August 27 and running through September 7, the Stuttgart Wine Village comes alive with wine vendors and visitors. Over 500 different types of wine are offered from the two regions in 120 wine arbors set up around the old palace. The local favorites are the red Trollinger and the white Riesling. People stroll from one to another with their glass of wine in hand or stop for onion pie or other local favorites, including Maultaschen (stuffed pasta squares) and Spaetzle (locally made noodles).