Stuttgart's unique world-class car museums are destination worthy for family and friends as we recently experienced. Built in 2006, the Mercedes Benz museum mesmerizes visitors with its exhibition through time and its collection of luxury cars that belonged to famous people, including Princess Diana, the Pope and Emperor Hirohito. Record winning cars, such as the Blitzen-Benz and Formula One winners, are on display, and non-car aficionados are taken in by the building's architecture and design. A fabulous summer event is the "Starry Night" when the top floor of the museum is transformed into a restaurant and diners can enjoy the museum and views of the beautiful countryside. The Porsche Museum opened in 2009 with an angular and futuristic design. Its exhibit of cars includes 80 singular vehicles, such as the Type 64, the very first Porsche. The historical racing and sports cars on display are actually kept in perfect running condition and are used at exhibitions and old-timer races. Visitors can watch the skilled mechanics at work on the cars in the museum's own workshop. The museum's workshop and historical archive is a wonderful resource for journalists, engineers and serious car lovers. It has a comprehensive image library with over 3,000 photos and 1,700 hours of film material.