This fall Leipzig and Dresden are still honoring the 25th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution that led to the fall of the wall dividing the former East and West Germany and Jim Ruggia from Agent@Home wrote about it beautifully in a recent issue on Travel Pulse. Nowhere else in the world has a wall divided a country so bitterly and thoroughly as it did in Germany from August 1961 to October 1989 severing families and friendships, creating hatreds and international conspiracy, causing deaths and hair-raising tales of escape. After 28 years behind the Iron Curtain and already twenty-five years ago, the brave citizens of Leipizg in the state of Saxony gathered their forces and demonstrated their unmoving commitment to freedom and unity of the two German states. Facing guns and bullets, 70,000 Leipzigers gathered in St. Nicholas Square with candles in their hands proving their non-violent resistance. Similarly the citizens of Dresden united in protest to show their discontent. These incredible moments in history were re-enacted and re-lived in early October with audio, video and light installations, official ceremonies, prayers and parties.  Still to come are special concerts in New York when the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra comes to Lincoln Center to perform on November 9 and 10.