In the center of Dresden, Volkswagen’s Transparent Manufactory is a beautiful manufacturing and cultural center that not only creates its top luxury Phaeton in its spotless and gleaming workshops but also hosts international music, dance and arts festivals. There are only glass walls between the visitor center and the assembly lines so that visitors can take in the full manufacturing process while standing in light-filled glass atriums. The luxurious Phaeton rolls out like an artistic product in the midst of a city with world-class museums, including the Zwinger, the Green Vault and the Albertinum. Only ten minutes from Dresden’s old city, the facility is well-integrated into the personality of the city emphasizing the wonderful contrast between history and the future, old and new buildings, classical and modern architecture.

In Leipzig, the Porsche customer service center looks like a delicate round spaceship shaped like a children’s top alighting on the horizon. One approaches through an enormous entrance to a beautifully staged and storied facility that includes an incredible event space and museum quality cars. Next to it, there are a state-of-the-art manufacturing building as well as a race track and a mud track. Everything is open for visitors to see, to test drive and to pick up if you happen to be in the market for one of the world’ top cars. The factory tour illustrates the incredible detail and care that goes into each process and the factory sports the world’s top paint shop. The Porsche Co-Pilot is a delightful package for drivers combining a factory tour and seeing the assembly of a Porsche up close as well as an exciting co-driving experience in one of three different Porsches with a delicious four course meal or brunch overlooking the facility’s race track and grounds.