SouthWest Germany boasts over 180 breweries and stands second only to Bavaria for beer.  Approximately 1,000 different beers are brewed in the region, using centuries old traditional methods with the legal ingredients. It is no wonder that the region will celebrate Germany's landmark decision 500 years ago to pass the German Beer Purity Law in 1516, the law requires that the only ingredients in German beer are malt, hops, yeast and water.  It is the oldest food law in Germany that is still in effect today.  The Technoseum in Mannheim will dedicate an entire exhibition to beer in 2016 while countless breweries throughout SouthWest Germany will offer beer-themed seminars and guided tours. Even if you visit for another reason, you will not be able to resist a sip of SouthWest Germany's beers, with numerous microbreweries and craft beer makers popping up in the region the beer just keeps getting better!