Royal, elegant, SouthWest Germany's gardens are open for visitors. The State Castles and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg is an association that preserves and develops eight extraordinary gardens: The Baroque gardens of Schwetzingen, Weikersheim, Bruchsal, Ludwigsburg and Rastatt are complemented by botanical gardens of Karlsruhe and the romantic renaissance garden of Heidelberg. The garden has a historical significance to Germany and the world, gardens were a place to celebrate, discuss, work, laugh and be romantic. A garden showed a royal's wealth and attention to beauty, a way to harness nature's blossoms to impress your guests and discourage your enemies. This year's theme is the World of the Garden, all of SouthWest Germany's plentiful gardens will be in full bloom and the discipline of landscaping will be in full display. Garden culture and the art of creating these beautiful castle gardens has been developed for thousands of years, there are the Baroque gardens that rely on architecture and symmetry, landscape gardens that rely on harmony and aesthetics, monastery gardens that bring peace and tranquility to the monks, and finally the practical gardens that grow fruits and vegetables for their inhabitants to eat. Some of the garden's trees and plants still stand in the place they were planted hundred of years ago! There is no better way to be transformed to the past then to witness the age-old beauty and tranquility of castle gardens.  

State Castles and Gardens