Baiersbronn may offer some of the best eating in Germany, but this region is not just for eating! The new Nordic ski region in the Black Forest National Park offers 316 kilometers of well-posted cross-country skiing trails and fabulous packages. There is no better way to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Black Forest in winter than by cross-country skiing. The Black Forest boasts 316 km of blissful trails that are perfectly marked; therefore you can experience the great views without a fear of getting lost. There are even ski paths that are illuminated at night, for those adventurous night owls! For the individual who has never cross-country skied but would love to experience something new, Baiersbronn Tourism offers an incredible vacation package that includes a two-day cross-skiing course, two overnight hotel stays, breakfast, and the Black Forest Bonus card is bookable for 219 Euros. A great bonus is the Black Forest Plus which offers free ski rentals along with a two night stay. For the mountain bikers, Baiersbronn has created 450 kilometers network of dedicated new mountain bike trails. Surrounded by pine trees, and the glittering snow, there is no better way to spend the bleak winters than in beautiful Baiersbronn.