Europe saw positive growth in international tourist arrivals over the first eight months of 2015, driven mostly by intra-regional travel from major source markets such as the UK and Germany, according to European Travel Commission (ETC) figures. In terms of long-haul inbound travel, ETC expects a strong 30% rise in Chinese arrivals and a good 11% increase from the USA but an 18% fall from Russia for 2015 as a whole.
Looking ahead, Europe can generally expect an increase in international visitors from major long-haul source markets this year, according to a recent survey by the ETC. Consumers in China, the USA and Japan are all more positively inclined towards travel to Europe, while travel sentiment in Brazil is slightly lower than at the beginning of the year. Moreover, the intention to travel to Europe among Russian citizens has fallen significantly for the remainder of the year (September-December 2015). Stefanie Gallob, ETC’s head of research, told the forum that in the USA the strong dollar is motivating middle- and higher-income travellers to consider Europe as a travel destination. In China, positive travel sentiment is mostly driven by younger and mid-aged people. In contrast, Russian travel intentions for Europe have fallen sharply due to a mix of factors.
These are key results presented at the 23rd World Travel Monitor® Forum in Pisa, Italy. This ITB World Travel Trends Report 2015 / 2016 was again commissioned by ITB Berlin from IPK International, organizers of the 23rd annual World Travel Monitor® Forum, held at San Giuliano Terme, near Pisa, Italy, in late October 2015. The report covers the main trends in outbound travel demand for the first eight months of 2015 together with estimates for the full year and initial forecasts for 2016, as presented at the Pisa forum (as it is widely known).

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