Top Cities of Dresden and Leipzig Offer World Class Culture for Excellent Value, Discounts on Meals and Drinks Included!

Dresden’s City Card + Museum is only 35 Euros per person or 65 Euros for a family for TWO days. This card includes prepaid travel by bus, tram, urban railway and ferries within Dresden. On top of that there is free admission to 14 famous museums such as the Dresden State Art Collections (exception Historic Green Vault, Museum of Decorative Arts) and many attractions and discounts for food and drinks.

The LEIPZIG CARD is valid for one day at 11 Euros or three days at 22.50 Euros for individuals or three days for groups 41.50 and entitles you to an unlimited number of journeys on the public transport network within Leipzig city including tram, train, and bus. In addition you can enjoy cut-price walking, bike, bus and tram tours as well as boat trips. The LEIPZIG CARD also allows free entry or up to 50% discounts on admission to museums, as well as reductions on ticket prices for festivals, concerts, variety theatre and political satire performances. Last but not least, discounts are also available at restaurants, shops, the souvenir shop at Tourist Information, at leisure centers, and on boat hire.

Photo: Copyright TMGS