Gourmet Picnics and Three Starred Restaurants in the Black Forest

The town of Baiersbronn in the Black Forest seamlessly brings the unlikely pairing of gourmet food and hiking together. The tiny town of only 15,000 people has the highest concentration of Michelin stars in the world.  Baiersbronn boasts three world-class restaurants sharing eight Michelin stars between them, thanks to Jörg Sackmann (2 Star Schlossberg Restaurant), Harald Wohlfahrt (3 star Schwarzwaldstube Restaurant) and Claus-Peter Lumpp (3 Star Bareiss Restaurant). Situated in the beautiful and romantic Black Forest, visitors can spend their days hiking and their evenings enjoying the gourmet food. This year Baiersbronn offers special travel packages such as the Gourmet Package that includes two nights in a three star hotel, a bottle of SouthWest German wine, and a 4-6 course meal prepared by Michelin starred chef Jörg Sackmann. If you would rather eat your meals outside in the fresh air after an adventurous hike, Baiersbronn also has a special package for you. Enjoy a guided tour, a packed backpack with a delicious lunch, two nights in a 3 star hotel and extra bottle of wild berry liquor to warm the soul - all for 199Euros per person.