In the heart of Heidelberg's Old Town stands the traditional Café Knösel a long-standing institution founded in 1863 by Fridolin Knösel.  Soon after the cafe was opened, it became a beloved meeting point especially by the young ladies attending Heidelberg's finishing schools who enjoyed his delicious pastries. Knösel, a witty, dedicated chocolatier and master confectioner, noticed the male university students flock to his café to try to catch a glimpse of the ladies while avoiding their strict governesses. These secret longings did not go unnoticed by good-natured Knösel. Ingenious as he was, he created a particularly delicious chocolate delight, which he impishly called the Student´s Kiss. Given as a present, it was such an exquisite, gallant token of affection that not even the chaperones could object to. His young customers now had a way to show discreet and polite affection for one another. Today Knösel's descendents still make these delicious cakes from his original recipe. Make sure to stop here to show your companion an old-fashioned symbol of your affection - in chocolate form, of course. In 2014, the café added to its romantic delicacies with the "Kiss Cake" a moist and delicious chocolate cake made out of organic ingredients.   

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