Baden-Württemberg is a region known for its abundance of delicious wine, beer, Michelin starred restaurants and culinary delights; and Stuttgart, as the capital city, exudes all of these qualities.  Stuttgart has a wide range of culinary highlights to offer from gourmet cuisines to exquisite wines and refreshing beers, spectacular hiking trails through vineyards. As a city of wine, Stuttgart enjoys celebrating this heritage, the main wine grown here are the red varieties of Lemberger, Spätburgunder and Trollinger. You will enjoy the incredible Viniculture Museum and attend the Wine Village Festival in late August.  Beer in Stuttgart is not to be overlooked though: The Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu Brewery offers an in-depth tour that allows visitors to see the entire production process from hops to malt - and of course taste the local beer. There is no need to despair when you are feeling hungry in Stuttgart. With 16 Michelin starred restaurants in the region and eight in the city itself the city's culinary aspect is just waiting to be explored. If you are looking for a more down to earth and regional meal with locals, enjoy "Maultaschen" at a Swabian restaurant.  More adventurous travelers can find these local dishes in the "Besenwirtschaften" a simple tavern in the vineyards that serves only its own wine and food. As for the name, a Besen (broom) hung over the door shows that these family- run spots are open.

Photo Copyright Stuttgart Marketing GmbH _Christoph Düpper