During the upcoming Long Night of Museums in Stuttgart on Saturday, April 2 from 7pm to 2am everyone interested in art and thirsty for knowledge gather for art and wine. The Long Night of Museums is a highlight in Stuttgart's cultural calendar. Many of Stuttgart museums, galleries, studios and historic buildings will have special art, culture, history and trivia events. Exhibits and performances range from Dix and Dada, Evolution and experiments, Police Story and performances, coffins and Stone Age Art. The evening has a very special atmosphere guests will be delightfully amazed, listening, dancing and partying. Bus and train shuttles will be running all night for the Long Night of Museums, connecting all participating museums and visitors. There is a varied program for children starting at 4pm with interactive exhibitions, creative workshops, discovery tours and museum rallies for young artists. Details about all events are available on the website: www.lange-nacht.de. (German)

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