In anticipation of the bicycle anniversary next year, SouthWest Germany is highlighting some of its most desirable bike routes.  SouthWest Germany is not only the birthplace of the automobile but also the birthplace of the first non-animal mode of transportation. Long before Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, Karl Drais invented the bicycle in Mannheim and patented it in 1817. Just like the car, the bicycle has come a long way from its first invention, as have the bicycle routes all over its home state of Baden-Württemberg. Whether riding through the Swabian Alps, the mysterious Black Forest or the breath-taking Lake Constance the bicycle is the best way to experience any region. Take a bicycle to see the best of nature, the bountiful vineyards around Stuttgart, the Neckar River, the Swabian alps, the trees in the Black Forest or the shimmering Lake Constance or take your bicycle to see the abundance of castles, monasteries, gardens and monuments.  SouthWest Germany helps you make the most of your bike adventure with a simple tour-app.  This can be downloaded from the website onto your smart phone. You can choose a path near you; see intricate maps, the closest sights, details about the path's length, duration, level of difficulty and characteristics. For tourists who are worried about not having internet in Germany, all of the maps can be downloaded and used offline while on the go. 

Photo Copyright TMBW