Castle Schwetzingen, along the state’s asparagus route, can trace its origins to 1350 but flourished under Prince Elector Carl Theodor in the 1700s. The original palace gardens still exist today and are famous for the harmony and beauty of its design that incorporates philosophy, history, art and nature. 

The State Heritage Agency has named the Schwetzingen Palace Garden the “Garden of the Year” for 2016. Visitors can learn how the beautiful Schwetzingen Gardens were originally designed in the 18th century at the numerous exhibitions and museums on the grounds. The Zirkelgebäude will host an exhibition of original texts, designs and plans that were created for the Electors Carl Philipp and Carl Theodor. The original plan for a baroque garden in the French style was eventually expanded to include a wilder English landscape. 

Nearby, another exhibition displays the original gardening tools used to create these magnificent landscapes. It is remarkable to see how we created these incredible gardens before the help of modern technology.

Photo Copyright Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg