Yesterday we wrote about how Americans just LOVE Germany. And, just as Germany seems to be very popular with the Americans, the US is similarly desirable for the Germans. The US Department of Commerce shows numbers through June 2015 that arrivals from Germany to the US were up 13 percent. The US is an attractive market for many Germans for both business pleasure – 26 percent come for business while 73 percent come for pleasure; and as of the end of June 2015, Germany was in fifth place behind the UK, Brazil, China and Japan. One example from 2014 (the most recent numbers available from NYCGo) is New York City – in that year, 624,000 Germans visited New York visiting top cultural destinations, shows and restaurants. Top places to go according to one German source, is 9/11 Memorial, World Trade Center Observatory, Central Park and Rockefeller Square.  Go New York!