Tourism to SouthWest Germany, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, in 2015 was up! The overnights from the US increased by 4.6 percent from the USA alone and a total of 7.6 percent from all overseas markets. The third largest state in Germany for the first time hit the 50 million mark for overnights which is especially impressive when only four years ago, the overnights were 10 million. Thank you international marketing efforts! The capital city of Stuttgart and many of the other wonderful cities in Baden-Wuerttemberg had similar successful numbers.
Good weather, beautiful landscapes, extraordinary castles, 78 Michelin stars, world-class car museums and unique spaces speak to the diverse tourism offerings. Families can vacation well on a budget while those seeking luxury accommodations will be amazed with the five star hotels and three star restaurants, gourmet hikes and guided tours. Heidelberg, the Black Forest, Lake Constance and the Castle Road delight visitors young and old. This year SouthWest Germany is celebrating the 500 years of the German beer purity laws and many of the towns are creating special tours and celebrations. In anticipation of the 200 years of the invention of the bicycle by Karl Drais in Mannheim, new biking paths are being created and Mannheim will have a special trail dedicated to Drais himself.

Photo Copyright: TMBW_Mende