Saxony is a beautiful state that is slowly blossoming into the warmer weather, each of its cities has something that brings locals and tourists out of their winter hibernation. Each city has its own unique style, but every city has something to offer to its guests and inhabitants. 

If you are in Dresden in the spring, hop on the public transportation to visit the surrounding wine hills.  Here you can visit a winery, have a taste of crisp Riesling while enjoying the views of the Elb River Valley from above. Chemnitz, on the other hand, is known for its juxtaposition of industry and culture, tradition and modernity.  Here one of the best Expressionist Collections in Germany is located, if you are craving bright spring colors make sure to get a dose of culture and get your spirit washed in color and paint. While in Saxony, make sure to visit Leipzig, a city filled with artists, young people and a palpable energy. In Spring, every street is filled with life and color and people enjoying the refreshing sunshine.  We recommend starting near the city center on Karl-Liebknecht Strasse and getting lost, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at any of the fun and quirky bars.  If you are craving a more traditional beauty, head to Meissen with over a thousand years of porcelain history, their Porcelain Museum is a must see. Meissen Porcelain is famous all over the world and the intricate flowers and craft honed after hundreds of years is sure to put you in ease. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake at the Meissen Porcelain Museum Cafe that overlooks the city. 

Photo Credit Saxony Tourism and Marketing GmbH