On Thursday, April 22, a visitor from Melbourne, Australia walked into the Porsche Museum and was surprised with a celebration! David Boscaglia was the three millionth person to visit the Stuttgart exhibition since its opening in 2009. Achim Stejskal, Head of the Porsche Museum, greeted him with with a gift certificate for a high horsepower drive, letting them choose a vehicle for a full weekend of driving. The museum has been a hit since it opened in 2009, drawing in crowds from all over the world, half of all its visitors come from abroad. Not only is the Porsche Car a great draw for car lovers, but the museum is constantly changing and growing.  This encourages visitors to come back and see what is new, such as, the new 12 meter long touch wall that enables visitors to browse through over 3,000 photos, drawings, posters and advertisements and virtually travel through Porsche’s history. 

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