Stuttgart has almost 2,000 years of wine history. Visitors who would like to learn more about the museum should visit Stuttgart's Museum of Viniculture. Founded in 1979, the museum displays the history of wine growing in a modern, state-of-the-art exhibition. The past and present converge displaying artifacts from centuries old such as richly decorated wine barrels, Roman drinking vessels and a wine press dating from 1885 among others. Designed by Atelier Lohrer in Stuttgart, the new museum tour is divided into 12 themes covering topics, such as developments in present-day viniculture, consolidation of vineyards, terracing and soil conditions. Accompanying texts provide the necessary information on the exhibits. At the end of the tour visitors can sample the wines of Stuttgart's vintners in the Vinothek, where more than 20 different wines from the region can be tasted every month.

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