A historically unique and quirky characteristic of Stuttgart's wine culture is its "Besenwirtschaften" or "Broom Taverns." These temporary wine taverns are only open for 12 weeks of the year and are usually family-run. The "Besenwirtschaften" are only allowed to sell their own locally made wine and usually serve them in the traditional fashion, not from the long-stemmed glass we are accustomed to, but a glass with a handle that is characteristic of the region. The "Broom Taverns" are so named because the owners hang a broom over their door to let their local neighbors and guests know that they are open for business. Stuttgart's "Besenwirtschaften" are open at various times throughout the year in different parts of town and are famous not just for the tradition of the broom over the entrance, but for the house wines served with a unique atmosphere you cannot find in a restaurant!

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