Over 5,000 years of jewelry history is celebrated in this unique museum with approximately 2,000 exhibits including an extensive ring collection. The museum also hosts many incredible temporary exhibitions as well as having an extensive permanent exhibition. Here is their upcoming exhibition:

Miniaturised Mechanical Marvels — Luxury Wristwatches
November 25, 2016 through April 23, 2017 | opens on Thursday, November 24, 7 p.m.

Nowadays, wristwatches are being worn by women and men alike. Typically worn by women at first to express their status as emancipated working women, they also found their way to men’s wrists during the course of World War I. Always subject to changing fashions they became a genre of their own in the 1930s, when the number of wristwatches produced exceeded that of pocket watches. Starting in the 1960s, their appearance was revolutionized by the use of plastic, and cheap quartz movements further contributed to their degeneration into mass-produced commodities. The 1990s, however, witnessed the revival of mechanical luxury watches and their ascent to cult status, which they are still enjoying today. Brands like Glashütte, Patek Philippe or Longines have successfully been wedding mechanical precision to exclu- sivity. Such exquisite watches will be the focus of this exhibition, which will be ushering in the anniversary year of Pforzheim’s traditional industries in 2017, whose history, after all, began 1767 with the production of watches.


Photo Copyright TMBW