An ideal time to visit the wine city is during the Stuttgart Wine Festival, a local favorite, celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. The festival takes place from August 24 to September 4; visitors pick up their long-stemmed wine glass and wander around 125 different wine stalls serving over 500 different types of wines from the Baden and Württemberg wine regions. Walking down the Marketplace, Schiller Square and Kirchstraße, locals like to order the traditional "Viertele" (1/4 liter) glass and enjoy the many wines produced in the region. This is one of Germany's biggest and best wine festivals; it has a very relaxed atmosphere that pairs well with the warm summer weather.  It is also important to pair food with these delicious wines, chefs serve Swabian specialties such as "Kässpätzle" (cheese noodles), "Maultaschen" (filled pasta) or potato noodles with sauerkraut.

Stuttgart Wine Festival

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