Heidelberg is world-renowned for its beautiful castle ruins up on the hill overlooking the city and the Neckar River.  The old bridge and the Philosopher’s Way offer unbeatable views of the city. Even for people who have been to Heidelberg however, there are some hidden gems that are worth discovering. This 820 year old city is overflowing in creativity with post modern art, music, film and hip hop and it has thoughtful and unique treasurers that one can enjoy in an afternoon. Here are three examples of off-the-beaten path places in Heidelberg.

Most tourists know about the beautiful Philosopher’s Way, but what they may not know is that if you continue on the path you will end up in Neuberg Monastery.  This Benedectine abbey was founded in 1130 by the Lorsch monastery. Twelve monks still currently live in the Monastery and help produce and sell agricultural produce ranging from milk and apple juice to sausage.  Locals can come to the farm store to pick up their produce or enjoy a quick bite at the restaurant “Zum Klosterhof.” There is also the Klosterhof Brewery, a small organic brewery situated in the grounds of the Neuburg monastery, it produces small quantities of hand-crafted specialty beers.

Outside of the Old Town, in WestStadt a stimulating interactive art festival takes place every year for about 10 days in summer. ARTORT brings the city to life with interactive dance performances that take you from HebelHalle all the way to the old town’s Jesuit Church. Every night is a different and unique experience.

Photo Copyright Heidelberg Marketing GmbH, Bjoern-Rudek