If anyone knows what's what in architecture, it is Architectural Digest ...

"If anyone knows color, it's Donald Kaufman. The artist and founder of Donald Kaufman Color has made a name for himself—quite literally—by fine-tuning pigments to achieve a wider range and better understanding of color. And if anyone knows rugs, it's Nader Bolour, the founder of beloved rug source Doris Leslie Blau, and a carpet connoisseur since his childhood in Iran. Luckily for anyone with an interest in either subject or the intersection of the two, Bolour and Kaufman have partnered for a unique show of carpets and color. Color Theory will present a range of antique rugs divided into eleven colors and presented against a backdrop of Kaufman's unique hues. At an opening reception on May 16th, Kaufman and AD100 designer Carey Maloney will discuss colors and carpets in interior design. In anticipation of the show, AD caught up with Kaufman and Bolour about the intertwined subjects."

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