Inside Europe Travel does not cater to the masses, but to discerning customers who are curious, adventurous, and want to actively experience the European destination and culture they travel to. Each tour has signature moments that Inside Europe Tours intentionally creates for the once-in-a-lifetime experience and unforgettable memories.

Inside Europe Travel organizes tours in almost all European countries, including Austria; the Baltics; Belgium, The Netherlands; Croatia, Slovenia; the Czech Republish and Slovakia; Greece; Germany; France; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Malta; Portugal; Spain; Switzerland; Turkey and the Vatican City and combinations of the above. 

Inside Europe works exclusively with groups, and organize tours by affinity groups and people with common interests. So think about yourself and your friends as a group, your extended family or your club, organization, or social circles. They have specific products and trips that focus on a particular country, such as German Beer or German Christmas Markets, or they create tours for several countries that share a theme, such as wines of France and Spain. 

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